Mihir Kelkar
1 min readSep 22, 2020

I’m going somewhere with this.

It is perhaps time to move to a platform separate from the familiar social network that is feverishly toxic as of late. The time has come to commute my ramblings to a better place. I think I’ll be able to convey better and stretchier ideas this way.

It is kind of brisk here (in central New Jersey) and for some strange reason I am listening to Coldplay whilst eating peanut butter cups and drinking a mug of whole milk. Last night, I made a sweet-potato pizza with sauteéd kale and herbed goat cheese. I’m embracing the autumn.

There is a mustard yellow tint to this frame, not too dissimilar from that of the consummate inaugural back-to-school bus-ride vibe. I randomly saw a classmate of yesteryear just yesterday, walking and holding hands with his father. He is so grown up and mature now, I was always fond of his strength of character despite his very young age.

I guess precocious recognizes precocious. I am an old now. I have such a hectic week ahead of me between coaching sessions and coursework and recreational game nights.

This is where I’ll be from now on. I’m going somewhere, and now you’ll find me here.




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